Management of rainwater on a road in Låsby

As part of the large climate change adaptation project in Låsby is the central way ‘Byskellet’ been disconnected from the sewer system with a newly developed concept called the Water Way. Such a solution, developed in interdisciplinary cooperation during Realdania initiative Climate Spring, is to handle small and large quantities of rainwater in a visible system on the surface that integrates innovative water channels and road profile in a single solution. It gives them considerable latitude to create different and exciting street spaces.

The rainwater from the road is handled in a gutter in the middle of the road's new V-profile, which ensures that extreme rainfall remains in the middle of the road and do not intrude on the properties along the way. This system allows to accommodate and manage very large volumes of water during rainstorms.

With the solution, it has also been possible to highlight a previous piped streams, which now runs in a gutter along one sidewalk where water movement and sound give residents and users a new experience of the water and the road. The stream thus represents the transition between the roadway and sidewalk and is such that the water in everyday situation runs in the upper steel trench. When it rains heavily, and the upper gutter fills up, use a larger volume stored in the concrete element in steel trench.

The Water Way is developed in an interdisciplinary collaboration between engineering and environmental company EnviDan A/S, road paving company Colas Denmark A/S and architect and landscape architects Schulze+Grassov ApS.

In addition, participating Thisted Fjerritslev Cementvarefabrik A/S, Middelfart Municipality Middelfart Sewage A/S, Skanderborg Municipality and Skanderborg Utilities A/S.


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