Marielyst cooperative association – diversion of rainwater

550 residents in the Marielyst cooperative association will manage rainwater in various infiltration systems such as ditches, raingardens and basin. The water will be transported via trenches.

At the same time, road runoff from the public roads in the area will be separated as part of water company Nordvand's strategy for road runoff separation. The road runoff will be infiltrated in the rainwater gardens along the roads and guided via trenches and bumps. Rainwater from a surfaced area of 48,200 m2 will be separated. All system elements are linked together so as to protect the buildings in the event of a cloudburst. There are five overflow points so that the rainwater can be guided away from the area during a cloudburst to the basins on Vandledningsstien. In winter, road runoff will be fed to a sewer due to its salt content.

The project is expected to be completed in October 2014.


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