Musicon, Roskilde Skate park storage, for extreme rainfall

The Musicon urban district in Roskilde, which is one of Denmark's largest urban development projects, will develop within a period of years into a musical and creative urban district covering a total area of 250,000 sq. m, with homes, a rock museum, creative businesses and recreational areas.

Rabalder Parken will be one of these areas, and with its 40,000 sq. m it will provide a gathering place for the Musicon urban district.

But the park will also be one of the first places in Denmark – or maybe even the world – in which a technical system will be used to store/attenuate rainwater in a skate park and activity park.

Work on construction of the park began in April 2011, and if the work is carried out on schedule and the winter is not too harsh, the area will be ready to welcome skaters, rollerbladers and other Roskilde citizens on 6 July 2012.

"The purpose of the technical system is threefold: It must be recreational, prevent contamination and at the same time be flexible in extremely heavy rain," says landscape architect and project manager Lene Madsen from Roskilde Municipality's department for roads and green areas.

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