Permeable paving, Birkerød

Orbicon has worked in cooperation with the Highways Department at Rudersdal Municipality to design the expansion of Stiholmsvej, a pedestrianised street in Birkerød. The surfacing of the new pedestrianised street ensures water-sensitive urban design (known as WSUD) and at the same time keeps the sewage system free of rainwater.

The rainwater is fed through a special surface, among other things, which filters the rainwater and feeds it down to an underground water container (soakaway) from which the water seeps down into the groundwater.

This solution is designed to cope with heavy rain volumes; among other things, an overflow drain has been established which can handle particularly heavy rain in a short time. A garden has also been constructed in the middle of the pedestrianised street which collects rainwater used for watering trees.

The new pedestrianised street opened in the autumn of 2012.

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