Rain Water used for training/teaching

Many times rain water is infiltrated in the ground

In this project it is used as a part of the teaching in nature and biology at the local school

Rainwater is collected in an 8-meter high tank, where it is possible to tap water through a valve at the bottom of the tank. The water is used to run a watermill, which creates electricity and makes a bulb light. The rainwater is used in classes for experiments where the water pressure can be used. In this way, drinking water is not used for the experiments.

Claus Mouritsen, who had the possibility to establish the tank, develops the project.

The pupils are very happy for this different way of teaching. The manager of the school also see the great potential in making the teaching in nature and biology more interesting

Rain water from 300 m2 roof is filling the tank, and the cost has been 200.000 kr.

The bottom of the tank has to be cleaned every 2. year.

Haslev Privat skole, foto 1  Haslev Privat skole, foto 2

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