Renovation of a courtyard with new WSUDS construction and reuse of roof water Laundry in Copenhagen

In connection with the renovation of the old combined sewer system, all surface run-off in the yard was decoupled from the sewer system, and led to large soakaways in the yard. Roof water from the roof to the street are led to collection tanks in the yard, and the water is used for laundry in the property's 2 common laundries.
In case of extreme rainfall an overflow is established to a large lowered barbecue area, that can be flooded by an overflow from the soakaways. Moreover, the low lawn in the courtyard  is used as the last stop in case of heavy cloudburst .
All bike shed in the yard have green sedum roof.
Total prise for the new plant is about 8000000 kr.


Enggården 1

Enggården 2

Enggården 3

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