Retention of rainwater at Nordstjerneskolen Helsinge

Henrik Larsen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma A/S, Henning Larsen Architects and SLA Landskabsarkitekter have worked together at a turnkey contract on a school and a public swimming baths in Helsinge “Nordstejerneskolen”. The work was finished at 2013

The rainwater is collected in concrete basins at different levels with running water, stones and

Aquatic  plants in between. The basins are placed at the entrance of the school. It creates architectural value and can be used for teaching.

From the concrete basins the water runs to a small river that runs into a lake and the to a underground basin. From here the rainwater can be pumped into the basins, so the water can circulate, when it is not raining

Costs: The set-up costs for WSUD are 1.000.000 kr.

Maintenance: The rugged construction secure a long lifetime. The running water is obstructing algae growth and is minimizing the maintenance.

Nordstjerneskolen, foto 1  Nordstjerneskolen, foto 2 

Nordstjerneskolen, foto 3

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