Retention of rainwater in Sønderborg in 5 rain gardens

Sønderborg has repeatedly had problems with flooding due to monster rain. Therefore Sønderborg Supply last year started a WSUDS project with five rain gardens, which will delay the rainwater from cloudbursts and help prevent future flooding. The gardens are now finished and use rainwater as a resource to create a recreational area in the backyard of “Digterkvarteret” .
Rain gardens as ponds have been landscaped as five contiguous ponds each with its own plantation in nature and five areas with hills to various activities for both children and adults.
The water flows in different ways through the basins from east and west to the central central basin with permanent water table. The different types of plants create different characters in the ponds- different gardens.
The characteristic vegetation around ponds lends its name to the five gardens – “Aspe” Garden, “Elle” Garden, “Siv”-garden and the “blooming” garden - which are all dry bassins and only filled with rain water, when the water level in the central and largest basin “Vater Table” rises.
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