Storage of stormwater in Kilen Solrød

Kilen is a climate adaptation project that aims to delay stormwater before discharge into Solrød Bæk.

The facility consists of two pools connected by an approx. half a meter deep wandering. The smallest basin is built in staggered gabions (wire boxes filled with stones) and is designed as a "green" raingarden with varied vegetation of water and swamp plants, where there will be a water level of approx. 40 cm. A floating bridge leads a path through the basin. The largest pool is made of concrete. Down in the pool, various sports activities are located, such as a basketball court and crossfit elements. Access to the pool is via a concrete ramp in offset plateaus, which can be used for seating and play etc. Between the pools runs an approx. 2.0 m wide asphalt channel, which can accommodate approx. 475 m³ of water. The canal and the large basin will only be filled with water for a few and limited periods of the year. During the remaining time, the facilities and pools can be used by students from Solrød Gymnasium and citizens of all ages as an active urban space. The outlet from the large basin is at the southern end through a small grate. From here the water flows to a pumping station, where the water is pumped into Solrød bæk until the pool is dry again.


Kilen i Solrød (

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