Stormwater storage in Scandiagade, Copenhagen

In connection with climate protection of Copenhagen, a central reservation in Scandiagade has been transformed into 8 different stormwater magazines, which together can hold 1500 m3 of water. In the magazines, the water is stored and delayed before being led to the main sewer. The magazines protect the residents from water in the basement. Citizens have been involved and this has resulted in 8 different magazines such as a butterfly garden a pool with utility gardens, a hill landscape as well as a pool that is allowed to grow without human intervention. Walkways over the magazines connect the entire area.

Scandiagade, foto 1   Scandiagade, foto 2

Scandiagade, foto 3   Scandiagade, foto 4'

Scandiagade, foto 5   Scandiagade, foto 6

Scandiagade, foto 7   Scandiagade, foto 8

Scandiagade, foto 9

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