Stormwater storage under Langelandsplads Frederiksberg

In connection with climate protection of Frederiksberg, Langelandsplads was renewed. Above ground you find the paddling pool, playground and several living areas. Below the square, a large magazine has been built, where rainwater can be stored and delayed during cloudbursts before being led to the main sewer. The magazine is made with a new product Rockflow, reminiscent of a rockwool bat. It consists of rock wool fibers with a 95% void space and a high load-bearing capacity. The tiles in the square are permeable so the water can seep through and down to the magazin. The tiles are No-NOx tiles, which remove about 10% of the harmful nitrogen oxides in the air by binding them to the stones.

Langelands Plads, foto 1   Langelands Plads, foto 2

Langelands Plads, foto 3   Langelands Plads, foto 4

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