The Arwos Village

Can a recycling centre be exciting and inspiring? ARWOS is making the attempt! All activities within the utility company are being collected together at their new centre. While citizens drop off waste and receive inspiration with regard to sustainability, their children can play with water in a town square environment and learn about what the utility company does. Rainwater should form a visible and natural part of this.

The recycling centre will open on 11 November 2011, while the rest will be developed by 2013.

This project is complete.

See photos from the construction:
Arwos, fase 1, foto 1Arwos, fase 1, foto 2





Arwos, fase 1, foto 3Arwos, fase 1, foto 4






Arwos, fase 1, foto 5Arwos, fase 1, foto 6






Arwos, fase 2, foto 1Arwos, fase 2, foto 2






Arwos, fase 2, foto 3Arwos, fase 2, foto 4





Arwos, fase 2, foto 5





Arwos, fase 3, foto 1Arwos, fase 3, foto 2





Arwos, fase 3, foto 3Arwos, fase 2, foto 4






Arwos, fase 3, foto 5Arwos, fase 3, foto 6





Arwos, fase 3, foto 7Arwos, fase 3, foto 8







Arwos, fase 3, foto 9Arwos, fase 3, foto 10

Arwos, fase 3, foto 11Arwos, fase 3, foto 12






Arwos, fase 3, foto 13Arwos, fase 3, foto 14


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