Vandledningsstien in Gladsaxe Municipalitylandscape

Nordvand has established a series of rainwater basins connected to one another along Vandledningsstien in Gladsaxe. During heavy rain, these basins create a rainwater landscape in which the water runs from basin to basin.

The project is designed to manage heavy rain, and major emphasis has been placed on ensuring that it also acts as a recreational area which benefits cyclists and local residents. These basins can accommodate 3,500 m3 of water, which is delayed before it runs to Høje Gladsaxe Park. In combination with this rainwater landscape, a new footpath and cycle path – Vandledningsstien – has been established to give schoolchildren in the area a safer way to get to school. This cycle path is connected to the new cycle super highway from Copenhagen to Farum.

The project will be completed in 2013.

DownloadNordvands planche om Vandledningsstien (11 MB) (in Danish) (in Danish)



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