WSUD in Monnikenhuizen, the Netherlands

Monnikenhuizen is sited on a slope and constitutes a significantly green residential area with a calm atmosphere. The hilly terrain is the controlling element for the area in which the 200 or so homes are set. This is supported by rainwater management, which is a visible element in the district. Grooves in the fašades feed rainwater from roofs to the street, where a system of trenches in the middle of the street feeds the water on to a triangular infiltration basin sited at the lowest level in the area. The trenches used to transport rainwater operate as traffic calming measures which, besides reducing speed, make the flow of rainwater an experience in the street and highlight the water as a sensuous element in the area. The rainwater basin is established with a clay membrane floor so as to guarantee a permanent water level.  When the water level rises, the extra water has the opportunity to infiltrate through surrounding lawns. During extreme rainshowers, the basin overflows to a central forest area.

Monnikenhuizen, foto 1

Monnikenhuizen, foto 2

Monnikenhuizen, foto 3

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