WSUD solution at Kilden cultural centre in Brøndby

The new outdoor areas at Kilden demonstrate how rainwater in the town can be integrated into the town in a way which can provide inspiration (for landowners) for rainwater solutions on their own land.

When selecting a solution, emphasis was placed on the water being visible. This is why it is possible to follow the course of the water from the building's drainpipe through a line drain and on into the rain gardens. From the rain gardens, any surplus water is fed on through open trenches to a hollow in the park. The rain gardens are constructed as hollows 30 cm deep so that the water can be collected and infiltrated in the soil.

Vegetation in the rain garden will make it possible to follow seasonal changes as they are designed so that flowers, leaf colours and branch colours and winter stands can be seen at different times of the year. Both flowers and bushes have been selected so that the rain gardens are filled with lush vegetation.

The rain gardens may be very dry at times and very wet at other times, so vegetation has been selected which can cope with these conditions. Plants are used in the hollows which can withstand being immersed in water for a couple of days, while plants higher up have been chosen because they are better suited to drier conditions.

Inspiration for the design of the rain gardens has come from the layout of the new library, with asymmetric shapes. At the same time, the shape and location of the gardens highlights how people move around the area. In the garden (the rainwater gardens above the centre for the elderly), the rainwater gardens create a bowl-shaped area surrounded by vegetation.

All in all, the system can drain and infiltrate approx. 200 m3 of rainwater from the roofs of both the library and the cultural centre.

Kulturhus Kilden, foto 1  Kulturhus Kilden, foto 2

Kulturhus Kilden, foto 3  Kulturhus Kilden, foto 5

Kulturhus Kilden, foto 6  Kulturhus Kilden, foto 7

Kulturhus Kilden, foto 10  Kulturhus Kilden, foto 11

Kulturhus Kilden, foto 12  Kulturhus Kilden, foto 4

Kulturhus Kilden, foto 8  Kulturhus Kilden, foto 9

Brøndby kulturhus 1  Brøndby kulturhus 2

Brøndby kulturhus 3  Brøndby kulturhus 4

Brøndby kulturhus 5  Brøndby kulturhus 6

Brøndby kulturhus 7  Brøndby kulturhus 8  

Brøndby kulturhus 9  Brøndby kulturhus 10

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