Climate School Project, Gunsølille

Klimaskole, forside
The project aims to show how rainwater at public buildings – schools in particular
 can be used as a local resource – e.g. for play, learning and promoting biodiversity etc.

If you are interested in following the project, you can join the Climate School group on Facebook – or click here (in Danish). The group is open to all! You are also welcome to join the ‘Klimaraterne’ citizen group. Write to Hanne (see below).

The citizen group slogan is: ‘It’s all about the stork.’ The explanation is as follows: Zealand’s only pair of nesting storks is to be found in Gundsølille, home of the climate school. Using rainwater as a resource – instead of channelling it through the sewage system – improves the living conditions of the frogs in the area, thus ensuring a more reliable food supply for the storks. – And the hope is that contented storks will translate into more children at the school:-)

Address: St. Valbyvej 248B, Gundsølille
City/town: 4000 Roskilde

Contact person
Name: Hanne Kjær Jørgensen
Organisation: Pipe Centre, Danish Technological Institute
Phone: +45 7220 2287

Udviklet af Teknologisk Institut for 19K