Doktorhaven. WSUD in new residential area

Sorø Municipality requires a zero solution for rainwater in connection with conversion of the Philadelphia institution to a residential district. Doktorhaven in Dianalund.

Doktorhaven is a privately owned area with 20 residential units, and there is a requirement to position a further 50 residential units here in accordance with local plan SK 24. This area previously belonged to the Philadelphia institution.

The community sewer in the area is being converted to a separate sewer. The prepared supplement to the waste water plan therefore requires a minimal runoff from Doktorhaven from both existing and new buildings to the municipal community sewer. Therefore, a maximum of 1 l/s/ha is to be discharged, which is equivalent to a zero solution for rainwater. Discharge will be regulated by means of a water brake.

This requirement means that rainwater must be managed on separate land. The municipality makes no demands concerning the selection of a solution. The landowner is required to bear all costs.


Ole EkstrandOle Ekstrand, Sorø Municipality: "The central issue for the sewer utility company is for the pressure on the community sewer and the treatment plant to be relieved by demanding a zero solution for rainwater. This will ensure a reduction in bulking sludge from the treatment plant and reduction of overflow from the community sewer despite the additional homes. I expect the owner to create a recreational, landscape-based plant for rainwater management. But it is also possible that the owner will mainly choose invisible soakaway solutions."

Establishment costs for soakaways: From 3 to 20 soakaway units per plot are expected to be used.Doktorhaven_Foto i tekst

Operation and maintenance
It is incumbent upon the landowner to undertake operation and maintenance of the systems on private land

Residential area of 3.18 ha

Hydraulic capacity
Statistically estimated rain: 154 l/s/ha
Maximum runoff from Doktorhaven: 1 l/s/ha

No treatment will take place.

Doktorhaven is located between Doktor Sellsvej to N, Holbergsvej to E and Rønnebærvej to S and W.

Name: Ole Ekstrand
Organisation: Sorø Municipality
Telephone: +45 57 87 63 78


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