Green roof on climate- and energy-friendly stadium in Brøndby

On 13 October 2011, Brøndby Municipality inaugurated its new climate and energy-friendly hall "Stadionhal 1." The hall is 14 metres high and 2,396 m2 in area. Solar cells have been set up on the annex which help to provide energy.

The roof area of the hall is covered with a green roof 2,100 m2 in area, which soaks up, evaporates and delays rainwater (Figure 1 and photo 1). The rainwater which is not retained on the roof is fed via trenches to infiltration in a ditch along the playing fields (photos 2, 3, 4).

In the case of extreme rainevents, the water will dam up in the ditch and run onto the playing fields, where, delayed, it will be diverted via the drains to a rainwater sewer opening out into Fæstningskanalen.

The green roof is designed for a normal rainevent, while the ditch and playing fields manage extreme rainevents.

Project owners: Brøndby Kloakforsyning, Spildevandscenter Avedøre and Brøndby Municipality
Advisors: Orbicon
Contractors: EK Enterprise  

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